Hic, haec, hoc

hic           haec        hoc

huius      huius       huius

huic         huic        huic

hunc        hanc        hoc

hoc           hac           hoc


hi                 hae           haec

horum       harum        horum

his               his             his

hos              has            haec

his               his              his




agricola,ae : farmer

ancilla : slave girl

aqua,ae : acqua

auriga : charioteer

columba,ae : dove

dea, deae : goddess

domina, dominae : mistress

formica,ae : ant

gallina,ae : hen

incola,ae : inhabitant

insula,ae : island

Italia,ae : Italy

lingua,ae : tongue

magistra,ae : teacher

nauta,ae : sailor

poeta,ae : poet

puella, ae : girl

scriba,ae : scribe

Sardinia,ae : Sardinia

Sicilia,ae : Sicily

vita,ae : life



Puella pulchra in magna villa sedebat. The beautiful girl was sitting in a large house.

Dominus laetus servum laudabat. The happy master was praising his slave.

Puella laeta in agris currebat. The happy girl was running in the fields.

Servus puellam laetam salutabat. The slave was greeting the happy girl.

Ego militem fortem salutabam. I was greeting a brave soldier.

Puella fortis. A brave girl.

Servus puellam fortem salutabat.  The slave was greeting the  brave girl.

Dominus fortis servum laudabat.

Puella fortis in agris currebat.

Ego militem laetum salutabam.

Poeta laetus.

Agrigola bonus.

Poeta laetus agricolam maestum salutabat. The happy poet was greeting the sad farmer.


Scriptum senatui et populo. Written to the senate and people.

Vehemens et grave. Strong and heavy.

Soles occidere et redire possunt. Suns can set and rise again.

Is coniurationem fecit et civitati persuasit. He made a conspiracy and persauaded the citizenry.

Vivamus atque amemus. Let us live and let us love.

Ave atque vale. Hail and also farewell.

Honestissimi atque ornatissimi. The most honorable and accomplished.

Senatus popolusque Romanus. The Senate and the Roman people.

Tam atrox tamque incredibilis. So horrible and so incredible.



Puella puerum amat. The girl loves the boy.

Ad villam. To the house.

In villam. Into the house.

Tres horas. For three hours.

Quinque dies. For five days.

Gladiator vulneratus est. The gladiator was wounded.

Gladiator violenter vulneratus est. The gladiator was wounded violently.

Gladiator gladio vulneratus est.  The gladiator was wounded by the sword.

Quarta hora. At the fourth hour.

In villa. In the house.

Ex arce. From the citadel.

Marce quid novi? Marcus, what’s up?

Et tu , Brute? And you, Brutus?


Puella dormit. The girl is sleeping.

Puellae dormiunt. The girls are sleeping.

Canis est fessus. The dog is tired.

Gladius militis. The sword of the soldier. The soldier’s sword.

Pars urbis. Part of the city.

Puella maximae pulchritudinis. A girl of greatest beauty.

Timor canum. The fear of the dogs.

Ego donum tibi do. I am giving a gift to you.

Ego villam tibi aedifico. I am building a house for you.

Mihi est equus. I have a horse.

Mihi nomen est…. My name is…