Puella pulchra in magna villa sedebat. The beautiful girl was sitting in a large house.

Dominus laetus servum laudabat. The happy master was praising his slave.

Puella laeta in agris currebat. The happy girl was running in the fields.

Servus puellam laetam salutabat. The slave was greeting the happy girl.

Ego militem fortem salutabam. I was greeting a brave soldier.

Puella fortis. A brave girl.

Servus puellam fortem salutabat.  The slave was greeting the  brave girl.

Dominus fortis servum laudabat.

Puella fortis in agris currebat.

Ego militem laetum salutabam.

Poeta laetus.

Agrigola bonus.

Poeta laetus agricolam maestum salutabat. The happy poet was greeting the sad farmer.


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