Brute, cur tu tenes iste pugionem? Brutus, why are you holding that dagger?

De istis rebus exspecto tuas litteras. I am waiting for your letter about those matters.

Quid iste praeter nova carmina vates donat? What does that poet of yours give you, besides new poems?

Suffenus iste, Vare, quem probe nosti.

That Suffenus of yours, Varus, whom you know well…

Animi est ista mollities non virtus. There is that certain softness of mind, non virtue.


Iste, ista , istud (that)

iste                             ista                          istud

istius                           istius                     istius

isti                               isti                          isti

istum                           istam                    istud

isto                               ista                         isto


isti                                istae                      ista

istorum                       istarum                  istorurm

istis                              istis                         istis

istos                             istas                        ista

istis                              istis                         istis


Eae eos non viderunt. They did not see them.

Exercitus eius. His army.

Venit mihi tuus puer; is mihi litteras reddidit. Your boy came to me; he delivered a letter to me.

Rhodanus fluit isque non nullis locis vado transitur. The Rhone river flows and it crossed by a ford in some places.

Aqua est foeda; eam bibere nolo. The water is filthy; I do not want to drink it.

Dux exercitum eius vicit. The leader defeated his army.

Puella eam vidit. The girl saw her.

Dux legatos ad se vocavit. The leader called the legates to himself.

Narcissus se amabat. Narcissus loved himself.

Caesar dicit eum discessurum esse. Caesar says that he will depart.

Caesar dicit se discessurum esse. Caesar says that he will depart.

Is dies erat Kalendae Apriles. That day was the first of April.

… eum consulem qui non dubitet …

… that consul who will not hesitate …

Is superis labor est. That is the work of the gods.

Ea cura quietos sollicitat. That concern troubles those at rest.

Is, ea, id

is                ea                   id

eius           eius               eius

ei                ei                   ei

eum            eam               id

eo                ea                  eo


ei                  eae               ea

eorum        earum          eorum

eis                eis                eis

eos               eas               ea

eis                eis                 eis


Servus, qui in villa laborat, est laetus. The slave, who works in the house, is happy.

Ancilla, quam dominus vocabat, villam intravit. The slave girl, whom the master was calling, entered the house.

Pueri, quibuscum puellae ludunt, in foro discunt. The boys, with whom the girls play, learn in the forum.

Qui, quae, quod

qui                   quae              quod

cuius               cuius             cuius

cui                    cui                 cui

quem               quam            quod

quo                    qua             quo


qui                     queae            queae

quorum             quarum          quorum

quibus               quibus           quibus

quos                     quas              queae

quibus                 quibus           quibus


Dixerat haec Tellus. The Earth had said these things.

Hi omnes lingua, institutis, legibus inter se differunt. All of these people are different among themselves in their language, customs and law.

Fratres mei sunt Gaius and Tiberius. Hic est fortior quam ille.

My brothers are Gaius and Tiberius. This one is stronger than that one.